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Our vision is to provide the highest caliber of design services appropriate for a worship environment; as well as a means for churches to make equitable product purchases, in a simple 1-2-3 Program. This program is simple and cost effective. More importantly, this system provides a safe method that provides all churches an affordable and "fail-proof" design solution for their project, costing a fraction for the customary design fees. Therefore, this program allows any size church, from the smallest to the very largest, the same advantage of purchasing of products selected through this program.
WE Program Overview of Products/Services
OnLine Fail-Proof Design and Color/Product Coordination Program

A specialized and integrated worship design program as easy as 1-2-3

Project Committee Presentations conducted by church design specialist
Size of congregation/project receives same preferential pricing as larger projects
Internet, phone consultations, or in-church committee presentations
Product Provision for total church Interiors development program
WE - Worship Environment, a "fail-proof" coordinated design, committee, and product program.
  The WE Program is a viable "fail-proof" integrated design and product selection program, providing a simple method allowing clients to make decisions, and purchases of interiors finish-out products, available at preferential pricing in a turn-key design and product program. WE offers a national design and product provision program to the church market in a customized, yet safe, and comprehensive method, at any budget;
The WE Program assures the church of the appropriate worship environment design, and bringing their committee through a hassle-free and timely decision making process, therefore resulting in a worship environment that is conducive to worship and the church vision.
Providing these benefits, while also assuring that selections are within established budgets; and assuring minimal stress and dissension, is tantamount to a majority of other considerations in the church building process. The WE Integrated Design "fail-proof" program creates a safe and satisfactory process, resulting in providing ease, effective and harmonious decision-making.