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Teri is called to change and reaches out to change her world through the implementation of spiritual principles. She passionately mentors others with the truth, that as we seek the heart of change, we find a change of heart.
As the founder of WE - Walking in Excellence, and her church design company, Worship Environments, Teri Impacts others, providing heart-driven answers to life-shaking questions. In the wake of transition, trauma, and even tragedy; our core can be shaken, and our faith tested. It is during these times our heart and life is forever changed. This change can become a determining and dynamic factor; delivering us to either a derailment or destiny.
In her book, Train Wreck to Triumph, a work book turning derailment into destiny, Teri shares real-life tools as she equips you with the spiritual fortitude you too must use in leveraging your disappointment and even deception, into dynamic outcomes and destiny. This book will help you move from being "thrown off-track" or lying on the tracks of your train wreck to "making tracks"; and moving forward to equipping and empowering others to do the same.
Teri co-founded a family owned home-based business which she assisted in growing into a publicly traded multi-million dollar corporation. Respected as a life-strategist, she mentors professionals in private branding and marketing strategies.
As an internationally acclaimed speaker, business woman and leadership trainer, Teri impacts her audience with passion, purpose and prosperity created in spiritual principles. She mentors others in finding answers to the questions they have not asked; leading them to an enriching life of excellence, from the inside out.
Teri is endorsed by icon, Dr. Denis Waitley, Author of The Psychology of Winning, who expresses: "From conference centers to classrooms, Teri's wit and wisdom challenges, and inspires people to live out their greatness. She empowers people of all ages and stages to shake off mediocrity and embrace excellence.
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