Upon completion of the design phase, the client has the option of selecting the product represented by their final selection. Based upon price, value, style, available categories; they are web-linked to the appropriate vendor for provision. Due to our “single source” approach to this vast niche market, we are able to negotiate preferential product pricing, shipments and possibly align with a national installation network, for those seeking such. The product listings will be comprehensive and will represent the best in design, quality, budget, value, and appropriateness for the type of facility and longevity of use required of it.

Although the WE program gives preferential pricing to the client-church, the WE program in its very format discourages the need for bid, and we will attempt to avoid the bidding process for the following reasons:

bidding does not serve the client well, as they are not informed enough to likely discern when they are actually being provided the right product in the bid process,
Many times the bid in itself sabotages the clients best interest and works against the successful completion of the project.
Combining the WE program, product, and the Professional Link Program, creates a systematic program, eliminating the need for the bid process.
The WE process of design and product provision bascially takes the "common out of commodity", giving the access to worship environments with excellence from the inside out.


The actual products provided includes any interiors product, some of which includes:
Wall Surfaces
Cabinet Surfaces
Lighting, Sound
Pews, Chancel furnishings
Art Work
Draperies/Window treatment
Administrative Furnishings
Conference, Lobby, and platform furnishings
Specialized Impact Fabric
Impact seating
Impact Area Rugs
Florals/plants and etc.
and much more!