Our mission is to establish an organization dedicated to work “hand-in-glove” with the development, design, building, and expansion of worship facilities of both fledging and established ministries, while assisting them in raising funds to financially support these organizations. Our desire is to offer churches and church affiliated organizations, the benefits of options and opportunities available to them through the provision of a cost effective turn-key design product provision programs while also providing fundraising programs. Our plan indicates dual relationships which will join large church/religious affiliated organizations with our turn-key design and product solution, while also linking and/or providing in a joint venture relationship, the entire facility in a design and build program.

Professional Link
  WE-Professional Link: In the event the church has not chosen the professionals to assist them in completing their project, WE links their needs to professionals such as architects, engineers, contractors, lighting and sound engineers, acoustical engineering firms, required to complete their project. This service provides a service to the church, enabling them to have access to professionals whom have been proven out in the church market and represent the highest caliber of services, while also giving the church access to a total 'turn-key solution'.
Some of the additional Professionals included in our “professional-link”, provided either from within WE-Worship Environments, or from additional business alliances may include:
Architects Office Equipment
Interior/Exterior Landscape Artists   Church Product Sales/Purchasing Co.
Art & Accessories Administrative & Software Consultants
Engineers-structural   Leadership Trainers
General Contractors   Growth/Expansion Consultants
Funding & Fundraising Campaigns   Mortgage Services
Insurance Programs Health Benefit Packages
Mortgage Package Life Style Benefit Packages