Teri Werner launches her leadership talk show

featuring Leadership Icon Les Brown

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Leadership that...


"In viewing your nine minute clip, and utlimately entire dvd, I was impressed that it was one of the most inspiring - most motivational, powerful, yet entertaining dvds I've ever seen. I am compelled to write you and passionately confirm that we all can benefit from watching this dvd over and over again, each time gaining from its profound and priceless wisdom. It shows us what is possible when things seem impossible. It is about what miracles are made of."

Bruce Painter, Amazon best -selling author of  The Giving Zone, and

Executive Producer and Host of Giving Zone Radio


About Les Brown

As a renowned professional speaker, author and television personality, Les Brown has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness.

His mantra "Get Out of your Head and Into Your Heart', and Teri's message of "At the Heart of Change, is a Change of Heart", created a synergy in the form of an exciting discussion; as Teri's leadership talk show pilot, "Changing Hearts in a Changing World", is now a dvd.

It was clear from the first minute of filming, these two had much to share in the form of an empowering and entertaining discussion, with each other and for the world!
About Teri Werner

Teri Werner is known for leadership programs which come from a point of view based on heart change. Empowering you with the knowledge that at "the heart of change is a change of heart"... Real heart change, changes lives through purposeful principles. Changing lives from the inside out is the platform from which she speaks with authenticity, frankness and humor, that shakes you at your core; helping you create the heart change, you Desire... equipping you for a Destiny you must live!

Here's What Others Are Saying About
Changing Hearts in A Changing World

"Teri Werner is one of those special people who has learned how to bounce back after life knocks them down. As you read her books or watch her new leadership tv pilot, featuring Les Brown, "Changing Hearts in a Changing World"; you’ll be inspired as you learn the timeless success principles that will help you become resilient and strong."
By Ruben Gonzalez – Three-time Olympian, Author of “The Courage to Succeed”

"As CEO of an international association specializing in leading women to discover their personal greatness; I have realized that many have had a personal or professional “train wreck” derail or delay them from reaching their true destiny. I watched Teri walk through such a train wreck using spiritual principles and now I am thrilled she has reached her destiny; that of changing hearts and lives of those in her world and audiences in the form of her Leadership TV talk show pilot, "Changing Hearts in a Changing World.”

In viewing her interview with Les Brown, I was excited that she found the medium from which she could share her principles and life lessons in an entertaining and empowering format. No one could have been more suited to join Teri than leadership Icon, Les Brown. His "get out of your head and into your heart" mantra along with Teri's theme of "Changing Hearts in a Changing World", created the experience that encouraged me to suggest she convert her talk show pilot into a leadership DVD series. I am convinced the powerful and entertaining connection between Les and Teri will encourage, entertain and empower you!

When asked about her dream for this show, Teri confided, "I want people to be able to watch real people ~ help them find real change, through seeing their truth. They can change their hearts and lives, from where they are right now." 

And as I have watched this DVD again and again, Teri has hit the mark."

By Nicki Keohohou, CEO and Co-Founder of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance, Author, Leadership Trainer & Mentor

www.dswa.org  (Join the Direct Selling Women's Alliance for $1!)

As Charlie Tremendous Jones states, “Teri’s humor, warmth, humility and love makes the message in her CD/DVD Desperate for Destiny and her book “Train Wreck to Triumph” one of the most moving and most refreshing messages, I have ever heard. The impact her mentoring series Book, CD and DVD "Changing Hearts in a Changing World" continues to have on me; as well as that which it had on my family and friends, has been truly amazing. I find myself reading and listening to them often, and always gain yet another empowering insight.”
By Charlie Tremendous Jones, Author, “Life is Tremendous”

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